Debunked: 2 Myths of Blog Monetization

Do you have space in the virtual world? Like in the 18th and 19th century when scramble and partition of some continent occurred, a repeat of the same is happening. However, the action is taking place in the virtual arena. With the innovation of the internet, the world became a global village. The internet opened a virtual world where people can share, interact, or do business at the comfort of their homes. It would help if you too were not a left out. Owning a blog or a website is the gateway to the new world. The good idea of this option is that you can turn your hobby into an income source through monetizing your blog.  However, due to competition, bloggers are developing myths to block their colleagues from enjoying the monetization option. As a new blogger, you need to be aware of these misconceptions. Here they are:

You must have large traffic to be able to monetize your blog

Do you want to earn an income from your blog? If so, you should ensure your blog has at least 1 million visitors per month. Certainly, this is not the truth. This phrase is a myth.  While you need traffic to monetize your blog, you do not need a million visitors per month. Your few consistent visitors are all you need to make money on your blog. For instance, you can have 10,000 visitors per day who do not buy products you’re promoting. Another blogger can have a thousand visitors per week who are consistent customers of their offer. So, you can confirm that traffic level is not a hindrance to your blog monetization.

The only way to make money on your blog is through Google AdSense

Well, the next myth you will encounter when trying to monetize your blog is this one on Google AdSense. Many bloggers will convince you that you should consider this option as it is the only way to generate revenue on your blog. The reality is: AdSense is one of the many avenues you can use to earn some cash on your site. Also, other avenues such as affiliate marketing have a higher return than Google AdSense. So, no one should convince you on this any longer.

In a word, several myths exist that hinders you from monetizing your blog. So, you need to know about them, and they should not stop you on your journey.